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Here is where you can meet some of the animals that live with me.  After you look at the pictures and read about my pets, vote for your favorite pet.


This is my cat Furby when he was a kitten.  He is a Devon Rex.  

He is very smart... he can even open doors.  He loves to be held like a baby and to take naps with you.  He always has to be in the middle of everything, supervising and making sure you are doing it right.  And he loves kisses on top of his head.


This is my other cat Thea.  She is a Devon Rex too.  She is really cute, really talkative and really snuggly.  She loves bunnies... in fact she thinks she is one.

Furby and Thea napping together


This is my dog Elsa.  She is a Cesky Terrier and she is 6 years old.  I love Elsa because she is friendly with everybody and hangs out with people.

This is my dog Jespah when he was a puppy (you can see another grown up picture of him at the bottom of this page).  He is a Cesky Terrier too.  Elsa is his mom.  He is 4 years old now.

He is not too smart but that's what makes him fun.  You can play catch with him and if you fall down he runs over to see what happened.


This is Muzzy.  She is a red Doberman Pinscher who has a great smile and likes to dress up occasionally (see below).  We adopted Muzzy from the animal shelter, and although she had a rough life before she came here, she is very sweet and likes everybody.  She loves to play with Jespah and they are extremely silly together.  Jespah races around her and Muzzy smacks at him with her big doberfeet as if she were playing "Whack a Mole."

This is Lyra when she was little.  She is named after a character in one of my favorite books.  Lyra is a Rex rabbit and has the softest fur.  She is very lovable, will sit with you forever if you pet her, and likes to give lots of bunny kisses.  She also likes to do amazing leaps in the air when she is happy, which is most of the time.  Lyra has beautiful brown eyes and likes to munch on your hair.  


This is Iorek.  He is named after a character in the same book as Lyra.  Iorek is a Velveteen Lop rabbit that we adopted from Bunny Magic Rabbit Rescue.  He loves to crawl under things -- he often gets stuck and needs to be rescued.  He loves to race around the room and slide on the wood floors.  He is sweet and very silly.  


This is Lyra and Iorek relaxing after playtime.  As you can see, they are good buddies who love exploring and snuggling together. 


Here are Furby, Thea, Jespah (black dog) and Elsa (grey dog) all in the cat tree...


Here is Muzzy feeling the vibrations in her halloween costume...


Now that you have met my pets, tell me which is your favorite...



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